Expert Balayage Hair Colour at Tisdalls Hair & Beauty Salon in Bishop's Stortford

Balayage is one of the most popular hair colour services at Tisdalls Hair & Beauty Salon in Bishop’s Stortford.

Tina & Paige our in-house Balayage & Ombre colour masters, love to create stunning, natural-looking hair colours using this technique. You can check out some of their latest work by following us on Instagram.

This effortlessly cool hair colour service requires very little maintenance and is a great way of accentuating your hairstyle and facial features, so it’s not difficult to see why. Below, our hair colour experts explain all you need to know about balayage…

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Balayage can look beautiful on all shades of blonde, brown, red, auburn or even grey hair. In addition to working with natural hair colour shades such as honey blondes and warm brunettes, you could also use balayage to try out fashion hair colours such as bright colours or on-trend pastel shades.

The expert hair colour technicians at Tisdalls Hair Salon will paint your chosen balayage colour directly onto your hair, applying it lightly closer to your roots and with bolder strokes towards the ends of your hair. This freehand painting technique allows us to highlight the parts of your hair where the sun would naturally lift your hair colour during the summer, giving it a stunning, subtle finish.

The length of your appointment will depend on whether we are adding balayage hair colour throughout your hair or just adding in a few face framing highlights. Book in for a consultation at our Bishop’s Stortford hair salon, where we will be able to assess your hair and discuss with you the look that you want.

Please note, if your hair is damaged, your appointment will take longer as we will work with you to improve the condition of your hair so that it is ready for the colouring process.

Book Your Balayage Hair Colour Refresh at Tisdalls Hair & Beauty Salon in Bishop's Stortford

Like what you see? Booking in for a balayage hair colour makeover at Tisdalls couldn’t be easier. Simply give our Bishop’s Stortford Hairdressing salon a call on 01279 757755 and book your FREE consultation with one of our balayage experts.